work / JOURNAL 2014

Journal 2014 

Obsolete Logos

Martin Browne Contemporary

20 August - 15 September 2015


Mixed Media

20 Panels - 30cm x 30cm each


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"Insatiable voyager, Atkins loved making archives way before it became a trend in the art world. Each travel–from Calcutta to Barcelona to Los Angeles–enabled Atkins the possibility of exploring like an anthrophologist everyday, insignificant and forgotten objects...these elements are composed by the artist into forms more or less recognizable that hover between abstraction and figuration. Prosaic elements that compose our urban landscape and which through Atkins’ challenging and fascinating pictorial practice come to life again."    Paco Barragan - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León in Spain

Journal 2014 is the twenty-first Journal completed since 1990 and the first since 'God Bless America'  produced in 2008 while undertaking a studio residency at the 18th Street Arts Complex in Los Angeles. I developed the framework for the Journals while traveling through the USA in 1990. As I traveled I encouraged myself to engage with the local environment on various levels depending on what was presented and observed. They are an attempt to process or collate experiences, materials, events, and information as a way of both, recording, and ordering the world around me. This way of working offered me enormous freedom to explore different possibilities, to work quickly through concepts and ideas. As a result each work was essentially different from the last, while at the same time relating to each other through the shared commonality of the overall experience. Some images were painted while others were assemblages or collages of collected/found material, others were collaborations with people met along the way. The common denominator is that every panel is a standard 30cm x 30cm. It was my first attempt at an experiential recording of my actions - an archive of experiences as well as a chronological diary or journal located specifically within time and place, works that could only have been made while travelling through or living in these various locations. These 'Journals' were originally developed from my earlier travel diaries which often contained drawings and tiny collages of found material as well as notes and ideas for future works.










Tinsel - Moomba Parade 2014 by Peter Atkins

Tinsel - Moomba Parade  2014

Mattress Stain 2014 by Peter Atkins

Mattress Stain  2014

St Patrick's Day Tinsel 2014 by Peter Atkins

St Patrick's Day Tinsel  2014

Reworked Pin Board 2014 by Peter Atkins

Reworked Pin Board  2014

Chroming Bag - Black Street 2014 by Peter Atkins

Chroming Bag - Black Street  2014

Date Stamps ex Brunswick Library 2014 by Peter Atkins

Date Stamps ex Brunswick Library  2014

Found Defaced Painting 2014 by Peter Atkins

Found Defaced Painting  2014

Someone's Birthday 2014 by Peter Atkins

Someone's Birthday  2014

Empty Drug Bags - Found in Black Street 2014 by Peter Atkins

Empty Drug Bags - Found in Black Street  2014

I Hate This Project 2014 by Peter Atkins

I Hate This Project  2014

Hello I'm Still Homeless 2014 by Peter Atkins

Hello I'm Still Homeless  2014

Found Photo's (Portraits) 2014 by Peter Atkins

Found Photo's (Portraits)  2014

Bingo Cards - Found in the Rain 2014 by Peter Atkins

Bingo Cards - Found in the Rain  2014

Found Photo's 2014 by Peter Atkins

Found Photo's  2014

Cupboard Door Construction 2014 by Peter Atkins

Cupboard Door Construction  2014

Blood Soaked Tissues -Found in Black Street 2014 by Peter Atkins

Blood Soaked Tissues -Found in Black Street  2014

Reworked Record Cover (Tracy Sugarman) 2014 by Peter Atkins

Reworked Record Cover (Tracy Sugarman)  2014

Discarded Air Freshners 2014 by Peter Atkins

Discarded Air Freshners  2014

Nursing Aide c1970s - Obsolete Overhead Transparency 2014 by Peter Atkins

Nursing Aide c1970s - Obsolete Overhead Transparency  2014

Valentines Day - Love and Regret 2014 by Peter Atkins

Valentines Day - Love and Regret  2014