work / CARAVAN SUITE 2000



Caravan Suite 2000

25cm x 25cm each

Silkscreened prints

Edition of 20 plus 2 Artist Proofs

produced during an artist in residency at Bundanon Trust, Shoalhaven river.





Caravan Suite, a series of silkscreen prints from 2000, was made during a residency at Bundanon, Shoalhaven river shortly after speding a few days over summer 1999/2000 camping with our young son in a caravan park in Torquay, along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. During this stay I became aware of the vast number of abstract angular designs painted on the sides of the caravans.The more I looked the more engrossed I became. The forward angled striped forms suddenly revealed themselves as a complete formal design language, specific to caravans. They seemed to suggest moving forward, traveling, perhaps to someplace better. In the end I must have photographed well over 100 caravans in that park. This  series of work consolidated ideas seen in earlier projects exploring trigger points for memory, nostalgia and our shared experiences through existing abstract forms. With this series I wanted to expand upon earlier works by attempting to firmly locate the experience as an Australian one. It is this communal memory of a beachside experience that I wanted to evoke in 'Caravan Suite' .....long hot summer days, the smell of melting bitumen, sunburn, zinc cream and endless hours in the surf. Ultimately this is not just my personal experience but one shared with many. The idea of a shared narrative is a concept I have continued to explore and develop over the past two decades with various projects including 'Disney Color Project', 'Melway Project', 'Hume Highway Project' and recently 'The Passengers'.