Barcelona Forms 1998

Subway Tile / Hair Pin / Balcony Form / Plastic Clip / Paper Cup Handle / Ring Pull / Catalan Vase / Ice Cream Stick



1998 Barcelona, Spain

Acrylic and Auto Enamel Spray Paint on paper
Handpainted series of 8 works in 12 different colours.
W 140mm x H 190mm


Barcelona Forms is an important series because it forecasts the future direction of my practice, in particular, themes around the idea of readymade abstraction. These isolated, floating forms are appropriated from the real world, collected on walks and trips around Barcelona. They relate directly to the city itself and are a record of my personal experience within the city, reflecting my interests at that time. These were produced during an Australia Council residency in Barcelona over summer 1998. In the image you can see my small diary with all the found reference forms collected during the residency. I have also included my stencils used to make the work...layered in 12 different coloured coats of paint!




Subway Tile 1998 by Peter Atkins

Subway Tile  1998

Hair Pin 1998 by Peter Atkins

Hair Pin  1998

Balcony Form 1998 by Peter Atkins

Balcony Form  1998

Plastic Clip 1998 by Peter Atkins

Plastic Clip  1998

Paper Cup Handle 1998 by Peter Atkins

Paper Cup Handle  1998

Ring Pull 1998 by Peter Atkins

Ring Pull  1998

Catalan Vase 1998 by Peter Atkins

Catalan Vase  1998

Ice Cream Stick 1998 by Peter Atkins

Ice Cream Stick  1998

Barcelona Studio 1998 by Peter Atkins

Barcelona Studio  1998

Barcelona Forms (green) 1998 by Peter Atkins

Barcelona Forms (green)  1998