work / POLAROID PROJECT 2011-2012


Work in progress...

Work on ‘Polaroid Project’ began in early 2011 and pre-dates ‘Monopoly Project’ exhibited in mid 2012 at Tolarno Galleries in Melbourne. These are the first three dimensional paintings/sculptures I have produced and are a logical extension of my painting practice. For that reason, the gestation of this body of work, is taking a more considered time to develop. 

Constructed from 6mm plywood and painted in auto acrylic these ‘works in progress’ attempt to define a similar territory as earlier work including ‘Caravan Suite’, ‘Disney Color Project’, ‘Melway Project’, ‘Hume Highway Project’, and ‘Monopoly Project’. Essentially, this new work continues my ongoing investigation into readymade abstract elements that surround us in our day to day lives.

I am especially interested in the cultural associations of abstract forms that have the capacity to trigger within the viewer, memory, nostalgia or a shared history of past experiences. Just the mention of the word Polaroid (or Kodak for that matter) is enough to spark these collective connections and memories, taking us back, perhaps to an earlier, more carefree time.







Polaroid Land Camera 2012 by Peter Atkins

Polaroid Land Camera  2012

Polaroid 4x5 2012 by Peter Atkins

Polaroid 4x5  2012

Polaroid Polatronic 5 2012 by Peter Atkins

Polaroid Polatronic 5  2012

Polaroid Project 2012 by Peter Atkins

Polaroid Project  2012

Reference Forms for Polaroid Project 2012 by Peter Atkins

Reference Forms for Polaroid Project  2012