QUT Art Museum

18 MARCH TO 21 MAY 2017

In today’s world of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and bestselling books on the Japanese art of decluttering, this exhibition delves into the artist’s pursuit of nothingness—or at least the next best thing. Reductionist techniques—repetition, limited or monochrome colour, seriality and plain-spoken materials—have been used by artists working in geometric abstraction, colour field painting, conceptualism and minimalism during the last century, and are today more relevant than ever. Less than: Art and reductionism presents works from the QUT Art Collection by Australian and international artists who employ a reductive approach or aesthetic, dating from the 1960s to now.




Katherine Dionysius


Hume Highway Project

12 silkscreen prints hand printed by the artist

25cm x 25cm each in an edition of 20








27 March – 28 April 2017
Adelaide Central School of Art

media release link

ACSA website link



Peter Atkins and Matt Arbuckle

A bricolage is a new creation, assembled from what is to hand at the time of making...

This exhibition brings together drawing and painting works by contemporary artists Peter Atkins and Matt Arbuckle, each renowned for repurposing found materials to create original artworks. These artists are observers and collectors, who use narrative-laden materials to tell fresh stories. Bricolage presents new works by Matt Arbuckle and works by Peter Atkins never before exhibited in South Australia.




Detail from Obsolete Logo's (first series) 2014

63 works in total. Acrylic on found ledger paper.












C3 Annual Fundraising Exhibition

3 Dec - 11 Dec 2016 

In 2014, c3 launched a series of curated fundraising exhibitions to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and to raise money to support artists by reducing the gallery fees and paying sales commission. While raising money was the goal of the show, the team was keen to work with fundraising as a creative concept. 2014's 'Faux Museum' explored how large-scale institutions create funding opportunities through their environments and functions, while 2015's 'Faux Fair' presented a play on the economics of the commercial art fair. Both shows were a huge success and raised enough to reduce the exhibition costs by over a third for 2015/16. The gallery also gave 50% of the proceeds back to the artists who donated their work, adding another layer of cash support.



Telecom #1 #2 #3

Ink on found ledger paper









Drill Hall Gallery

Novemeber 11 - December 16 2016


Reviewed Sasha Grishin


LINK to Sasha Grishin's review









November 11 - December 18 2016

Drill Hall Gallery

Australian National University



Re-Purpose takes its impetus from the early collages of Braque and Picasso (and later, from Robert Motherwell) which demonstrate the potential of a “foreign” object to act as an artistic catalyst. The unprecedented use of pre-existing items in their collages entailed swatches of printed matter or textiles being incorporated (re-purposed) into a new context and given a new identity.

It is apparent to us in retrospect that this use of ready-made items served to challenge the precedence and priority of the “model” in earlier representational art. The works of these artists has laid a foundation for subsequent practice, where a work’s composition can no longer be dissociated from its subject matter.

Re-Purpose presents a range of abstract objects and images by three generations of artists: Matt Arbuckle, Peter Atkins, Chris Carmody, Nicole Ellis, Robert Motherwell, Elizabeth Newman and Trish Roan. All of their works feature a foreign object, a third party,a ready-made pretext or a pre-existing form that generates a fresh outcome. Through incorporation or obliteration, addition or subtraction, the re-purposed template alters its identity and its function.

Once the enemy, it has become the ally of invention.









Abstraction 15

Charles Nodrum Gallery

October 6 - October 29


The fifteenth installment of our annual exhibition, showcasing Australian Abstraction from the 1950s through to contemporary.


link to catalogue










'L' is for Love Letters


the a-z of spring1883 art fair


It might still be winter but SPRING is here. With a full program of contemporary art staged in Melbourne’s Hotel Windsor, here's what you shouldn't miss.


Link here to full alphabet a-z of SPRING1883











Interview with Dr Peter Hill

Art Collector

2016 Edition of Spring1883

Link to PDF

Link to Love Letters













Sneak Peek: What to see at SPRING1883 in 2016









Love Letters 

Tolarno Galleries

Spring 1883

Aug 17 - 21 2016







NEWS 2016


Deakin University Small Sculpture Award

June 8 - July 15


Medicine 2012-15 is included in The Deakin University Small Sculpture Award. In its eighth year, this annual acquisitive award and exhibition is organised by the Art Collection and Galleries Unit at Deakin University. Link to Medicine 2012-15


Medicine 2012-15:


Nasal Spray

If Pain Persists


Volaren Rapid

Sun Cream

24hr Relief


Two Tablets Daily

No Doz

Control Pain - Live Life

Non - Drowsy








NEWS 2016


The Age Cover Story

Spectrum 23.04.2016

On The Map by Andrew Stephens

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Melbourne icon, MELWAY.

Illustrated with works from Melway Project which was commissioned for the City of Melbourne in 2009/10. Currently installed over 4 levels of the main staircase in the Melbourne Town Hall.




Link to PDF of On The Map

Link to The Age Cover Story online version.

Link to Melway Project 2009/10











NEWS 2016




The Low Down: Art Basel in Hong Kong













NEWS 2016



'Disney Color Project' has been acquired by Ten Cubed gallery, Melbourne.












NEWS 2016



A wearable multiple made especially for Art Basel-Hong Kong in Orange, Blue, Black and Pink.













NEWS 2016


Tolarno Galleries

Hong Kong - Art Basel

Level 1, Booth 1B18

March 22 - 24 2016



Disney Color Project, originally commissioned for the Clemenger Contemporary Art Award at The National Gallery of Victoria in 2009/10, will be exhibited at Hong Kong Art Basel by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.


Disney Color Project LINK










NEWS 2016


The Traveller: Experiencing Movement, Time & Place
17th March - 12th June 2016
Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn

Peter Atkins

Patricia Piccinini

Callum Morton

Shaun Gladwell

Louise Forthun 

Matthew Sleeth


Navigating our way through the world is the height of adventure, where the journey is often as important as the destination. Experience ideas about movement and passage in artworks by some of Australia’s most celebrated artists. Carefully selected from the Lyon Collection, this exhibition takes you on a journey through time, space and place – through the vast Australian outback, our urban and suburban landscape, and the virtual world. Features works by Patricia Piccinini, Matthew Sleeth, Callum Morton, Shaun Gladwell, Peter Atkins and Louise Forthun. The Lyon Collection is one of Australia’s largest and most significant collections of Australian contemporary art. The Collection includes more than forty five artists represented in depth, and offers insights into significant moments and shifts in Australian contemporary art practice and thinking from the early 1990s through to the first two decades of the new century. Established in 1990, the Collection has been developed by Corbett Lyon and Yueji Lyon over a 25 year period as a large, privately held collection. In 2012, the Lyons established a new public museum entity, the Lyon Foundation, to secure a permanent future home for the Collection. Many works from the Lyon Collection have now been gifted to the public Foundation which has a charter to promote Australian contemporary art and to preserve and exhibit the Lyon Collection. The Foundation is currently finalising plans for its new public museum building to be constructed in Cotham Road, Kew. The museum will open to the public six days each week, commencing in early 2018. In anticipation of the development of the new public museum building, the Town Hall Gallery is pleased to present these key works from this public Collection.



 Hume Highway Project 2010, Lyon Collection, Melbourne.










NEWS 2016


The Complete Projects 2006 - 2016


An overview of the practice over the past decade.











NEWS 2016


My partner Dana Harris has a new website. Check it out.







NEWS 2015


Slideshow of all images relating to the design, fabrication and installation of my work 'Under Construction - Chaos and Order' for SCAPE 8:New Intimacies, Christchurch 2015



Link to slideshow








NEWS 2015


Ocular interview describing the formation of my new public sculpture for SCAPE8 - 'Under Construction - Chaos and Order' as well as outlining the references I have made to the work of both McCahon and Gascoigne.











NEWS 2015


Review of 'Under Construction - Chaos and Order'

'The Press' Christchurch, September 18th, 2015










NEWS 2015


Project Announced - 'Under Construction - Chaos and Order'

New Intimacies curated by Rob Garrett for the SCAPE8 Public Art Biennial, Christchurch, New Zealand.













NEWS 2015


I have written a short essay for Alan Constable's brilliant new exhibition, opening soon at Andrew Baker Art Dealer in Brisbane.


Alan Constable


Andrew Baker Art Dealer



Link to essay 








NEWS 2015


Sydney Morning Herald

Critics Picks - 20 Things to see, hear and do this












NEWS 2015









NEWS 2015


Obsolete Logos

Martin Browne Contemporary

August 20 - September 13


Catalogue Link







NEWS 2015


I have written a short essay for Alexander Karinsky's new exhibition titled 'Songlines' in New York City. Alex and I studied painting together at the National Art School in Sydney. Check it out if you are in New York!


Link to essay here







Polaroid Products 2014/15

Auto enamel on wood


Deakin University Small Sculpture Award 2015 

Deakin University Art gallery

9 June - 10 July 2015


Shortlisted Artist Link


see also Polaroid Project from 2014








NEWS 2015


SCAPE 8: New Intimacies

Curated by Rob Garrett

New Zealand's premier biennial of art in public space.

In Christchurch between 3 October - 15 November 2015.


Participating Artists:

The SCAPE 8 Public Art Christchurch Biennial is a contemporary art event which mixes new artworks with existing legacy pieces, an education programme, and a public programme of events. The SCAPE 8 artworks will be located around central Christchurch and linked via a public art walkway. All aspects of SCAPE 8 are free-to-view.The title for the 2015 Biennial – New Intimacies – comes from the idea that visually striking and emotionally engaging public art works can create new connections between people and places. Under the main theme of New Intimacies there are three other themes that artists will respond to: Sight-Lines, Inner Depths and Shared Strengths.

Site-Lines engages with the changed landscape of the city centre, with its new vistas opened up across city blocks, out to the Port Hills and beyond. Artists have been invited to consider how the city’s new spatial character has the potential to stimulate fresh thinking.

Inner Depths recognises Christchurch as a water city; where liquefaction, flood and failed infrastructure mean that water has taken on a new significance.  Through this theme, artists were invited to explore subterranean strata and water flows; as well as exploring underground water as a metaphor for the city’s cultural layers and memories.

Shared Strengths recognises the resilience of people, and the power of helpfulness and self-organising communities to buoy the city through tough years. Several SCAPE 8 projects honour and celebrate the ongoing, everyday phenomenon of people helping each other.

The SCAPE Public Art Christchurch Biennial in 2015 is curated by New Zealand-born international curator Rob Garrett.


Rob Garrett is based in Poland, and has spent more than 35 years in the contemporary art sector, including curatorial experience in New Zealand, Poland, Italy, Sweden, France, Turkey, Germany and India. He recently curated Unearthing Delights, the 5th edition of Narracje - Installations and Interventions in Public Space, Gdańsk, Poland (November 2013). He is the initiator and curator of an ongoing international programme of emergent projects at Corner window gallery, a non-profit space on Auckland's Karangahape Road, New Zealand.


SCAPE8 website link

Biennale Foundation Link 







NEWS 2015




Polaroid Project

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

March 26th - May 30th 2015

1216 Arch Street - 5A

Philadelphia PA 19107


Polaroid Project LINK 








NEWS 2015


Polaroid Project

The Armory N.Y.C.

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

Pier 92 Booth 228

March 5 - 8, 2015



Fleisher/Ollman gallery from Philadelphia exhibited three works from my collaborative project with Alan Constable titled 'Polaroid Project' at this years Armory in New York City.

Thank you to Alex Baker, director of Fleisher/Ollman and Arts Project Australia for their continued support of this work.


Polaroid Project LINK





NEWS 2015


Barcelona Forms

Collection of Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Lyon

Auto acrylic spray paint and gesso on paper

9 parts 19cm x 14cm each

1998 Barcelona 



A set of works on paper from 'Barcelona Forms' have been acquired for the permanent collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León in Spain






The series "Barcelona Forms" from Australian artist Peter Atkins belong to what he calls "readymade abstraction": forms that are out there in our urban landscape, casual or incidentally, but totally overlooked. Insatiable voyager, Atkins loved making archives way before it became a trend in the art world. Each travel–from Calcutta to Barcelona to Los Angeles–enabled Atkins the possibility of exploring like an antrophologist everyday, insignificant and forgotten objects and forms which he picks up meticulously: from a toe separator to a tweezers or the handle of a coffee cup. Each city reveals his or her particular forms to him. Later on these elements are composed by the artist into forms more or less recognizable that hoover between abstraction and figuration. Prosaic elements that compose our urban landscape and which through Atkins’ challenging and fascinating pictorial practice come to life again.




Barcelona Forms 1998













NEWS 2015



Variable Concepts

Trocadero Art Space

Feb 4 - Feb 21


Review by Dr Maria Miranda


Read full review here...



Peter Atkins Medicine 2012-15, presents a series of four exquisitely made boxes. They are devoid of any text, yet the painted stripes and squares of pharmaceutical packaging are unmistakeable. These are reconfigured mainstream drug boxes – pharmaceuticals – the kind that you and I buy everyday at our local chemist. The accompanying gallery text confirms this with titles such as: 1. If Pain Persists;   2. Two Tablets Daily;  3. 24hr Relief;  4. Non-Drowsy. These are such familiar phrases that I can almost envisage the text written on the erased boxes – and even try to guess at which box fits which familiar brand. Elsewhere Atkins has used the term “readymade abstraction” to describe his practice of collecting and/or observing abstract forms in the world at large. He writes, “My work resides in a space between abstraction and representation…” A  very apt description. There’s a warmth and a humour to this work, inviting us to look again at our ordinary pill boxes, now lifted out of their banal invisible existence to be invigorated with aesthetic feeling.




Variable Concepts a jointly curated exhibition spanning both gallery 1 and 2 at Trocadero Artspace. Curators Patricia Todarello and Billy Gruner display a selection of artworks from interstate, international and Melbourne based artists to consider and further contemplate the language of contemporary abstraction. The exhibition presents and previews through the forethought of each artists approach to material, process relay variables through the visual language that progress from the experience of viewing each work both individually and combined within the set group exhibition.







 NEWS 2014




 Guest Curator Ace Wagstaff


 Footscray, Victoria 

 September 3 - September 20  2014







Peter Atkins 'Wall'

altered photograph 2014


What is curating and what is ‘the work’? These are the two questions that NO WERK seeks to address and experiment with as our culture, aided by technology, processes, views, curates and documents more than ever before. For artists, the work that they produce exists beyond itself once online, and the control that they have over their intellectual property is eliminated and it becomes possible e-curatorial content for anyone, anywhere, in any context.

The premise of NO WERK sought images from artists of their work, but not their actual work, it also asked them to willingly relinquish control of the representation of their work and bear the brunt of unknown curatorial whim. The second gallery will be comprised entirely of images of artwork found openly on the internet by artists whose permission was not gained prior to the exhibition.

Featuring the images of work (sourced from the artists with permission) by: Kate Tucker, John Neeson, A Constructed World (Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva), Peter Atkins, Yvette Coppersmith, Jordan Marani, Louise Zhang, Nicholas Ives, Nabilah Nordin, Kent Wilson, Joanna Anderson, Michael Prior, Lucy James, Bill Noonan, Louise Blyton, Terrence Combos, Lila Afiouni, Tim Andrew, Lois Hopwood, Andy Best, Rachel Schenberg, Joseph Frederick Flynn, Yeok, Justin Hinder, Marian Tubbs, Natasha Frisch, Tai Snaith, Leana Kimn, Anna Hoyle, Kate Carey Peters, Emma Coulter and Adrian Stojkovich

and featuring the images of work (sourced from the internet without permission) by: Richard Prince, Sean Bailey, Matthew Collings, Tom Polo, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Ivor Lovheim, Claudia Dance-Wells and Josef Zachary Shanley Jackson, Ciarrai MacCormac, Jessica Simorte, Antonio del Pollaiolo, Grant Nimmo, and Stanley Kubrick.

The Trocadero Art Space committee are pleased to announce this new exhibition ‘No Werk’ curated by Ace Wagstaff. This exhibition is the fifth in a series of shows running through 2014 under Trocadero Art Space’s newly formed Guest Curator Program. We would like to invite you to come and celebrate with us the launch of this exciting new exhibition of ‘NO WERK’.








NEWS 2014



I have donated a work titled 'Great Pickin' from my 2013 exhibition JAZZ to this excellent cause - Arts Project Australia 40th anniversary fundraising auction. They are an inspiration and have been helping people with disabilities for 40 years. They are a not-for-profit organisation and need as much help as they can to give their artists the support and guidance they need to keep going. I was fortunate enough to work with Alan Constable this year and can say first hand that Arts Project are a unique and important arts body that gives so much back to the Arts and the community in general.




Venue: Leonard Joel, 333 Malvern Rd South Yarra 3141


Opening: 5 October 2014, 2-5pm Opening Speaker: Hannah Gadsby


Arts Project Australia invites you to our 40th Anniversary Fundraising Auction at Leonard Joel on Sunday 5 October 2014, with special guest Hannah Gadsby.


The auction at Leonard Joel in South Yarra includes artwork by Samara Adamson-Pinczeweski, Colleen Ahern, Tony Albert, Rick Amor, Peter Atkins, Irene Barberis, Dorothy Berry, Charles Blackman, Julie Blyfield, Dorothy Braund, David Bromley, Deidre But-Husaim,  Jon Campbell, Alan Constable, Yvette Coppersmith, Noel Counihan, Emily Ferretti, Stanley Horace Gardiner, Nancy Grant, Linda Judge, David Keeling, Inge King, Sim Luttin, Fiona MacDonald, Julian Martin, Chris Mason, Rob McHaffie, Noel McKenna, Lewis Miller, Alice Nampitjinpa, Nicole Newman, Jill Noble, Angus O'Callaghan, Emil Orlik, Jim Pavlidis, Adam Pyett, Denis Ropar, Victor Rubin, Lily Sandover, Hayley Scilini, Anne Smith, Wilma Tabacco, Maureen Thompson, Utopia Artist, Frank Werther, Kim Westcott, Deborah Williams and Anne Zahalka.










NEWS 2014



I've written an essay titled Beautiful Corners for Leonard Brown's exhibition Extra Ordinary Painting currently showing at Andrew Baker Art Dealer in Brisbane. See link below.


Leonard Brown

Extra Ordinary Painting

17th September - 18th October

Andrew Baker Art Dealer



Link here for essay












NEWS 2014 


I have written on the furniture design of Michael Hirst, an early collaborator of Clement Meadmore, and an influential designer in his own right, for the NGV's blog, uploaded during the Mid-Century Modern exhibition in 2014. 


Blog Link











NEWS 2014



Mid Century Modern - Australian Furniture Design

National Gallery of Victoria

Curated by Kirsty Grant

30th May - 19th October 2014



My two essays 'Clement Meadmore - Influences and Parallels' and 'Michael Hirst - The Variations' are included in the catalogue Mid Century Modern - Australian Furniture Design published by the National Gallery of Victoria to coincide with the exhibition of the same name.



Click here to read the entire essays 


Catalogue available from the National Gallery of Victoria's bookshop. LINK 









NEWS 2014





The Gold Award 2014

4 July – 31 August 2014


2014 marks the second instalment of The Gold Award at Rockhampton Art Gallery, one of Australia’s richest contemporary painting prizes. The Gold Award is a national invitation painting award with an acquisitive cash prize of $50,000 made possible through a generous bequest from the Estate of Moya Gold. The inaugural winner of the Award was indigenous artist Sally Gabori with her monumental work Dibirdibi Country. Other finalists in 2012 were Ben Quilty, Kate Shaw, Victoria Reichelt, Juan Ford, Kate Bergin, Jason Benjamin and Michael Zavros.

The winner, selected from a field of eight artists, will be announced at Rockhampton Art Gallery on July 4. Designed as an invitation award to consider the best in contemporary painting while simultaneously building a substantive collection, the most outstanding work or works by an artist will be awarded the $50,000 cash prize.

The entries from all finalists in this prestigious biennial event will then be exhibited at Rockhampton Art Gallery until August 31. A wide range of genres from artists of varying backgrounds are selected in an effort to dissect a core sample of current trends in contemporary painting.

The eight artists selected as finalists for the 2014 Award are:

Peter ATKINS (Vic)
Del Kathryn BARTON (NSW)
Julie FRAGAR (Qld)
Abbey McCULLOCH (Qld)

Among the most highly regarded artists in contemporary painting, these names can be found buzzing about Melbourne Now and London’s Art 14, or being announced as prize winners and finalists in some of Australia’s most significant art prizes, including the Archibald and Wynne  prizes.

The winning entry will be determined by guest judge, Glenn Barkley, former senior curator at Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia.

The Gold Award is a national biennial event, presented at the Rockhampton Art Gallery, as a joint initiative of Rockhampton Art Gallery Trust and Rockhampton Regional Council.










NEWS 2014 



'ACME Automotive Paint Project'

National Works On Paper Award

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

23 May - 20 July 2014


The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s National Works on Paper was established in 1998 and incorporated the former Spring Festival of Drawing and the Prints Acquisitive which began in 1973. National Works on Paper is one of Australia’s most prestigious awards and acquisitive exhibitions. A biennial exhibition, its role is to support and promote contemporary Australian artists working on or with paper. 



'ACME Automotive Paint Project' 2014

Reworked paint colour charts from the U.S.A. c1965/1966

21cm x 27cm x 5 sheets

120cm x 80cm framed size









NEWS 2014



Hello Yellow

City Gallery

Melbourne Town Hall 

28 May to 28 July 2014


For some people ‘taxi’ is a four-letter word – while for others it is their livelihood. Mention the word ‘taxi’ in conversation and you will inspire countless stories about people’s experiences. It seems everybody has a story to tell. The Hello Yellow exhibition explores the driver–passenger relationship in all of its richness, variety and colour. From the early days when riding in a taxicab was considered a form of entertainment, the challenges of licensing and regulating taxis and the etiquette within, the ambassadorial role that drivers invariably fulfil how migration, gender and war have influenced the driver–passenger experience and how taxi activism brought the city to a standstill. Making use of the City of Melbourne’s Art and Heritage collection, this exhibition celebrates Melbourne as the first city in Australia to introduce the motorised taxicab and traces its extraordinary social history to the present day. The interactions between drivers and passengers shape the way we view and understand our city and society and reveal glimpses into our humanity. Comprising 3D objects, artwork, photographs and moving image, the exhibition will explore how the driver–passenger relationship has inspired popular culture. An interactive component will invite visitors to step in the shoes of a taxi driver and take the Melbourne Knowledge test.



Curator Christine Eid has included my work 'Edition #22, 1993' from 'Melway Project' 2009/10 into this group exhibition.


Link to Peter Atkins' 'Melway Project'


Link to City Of Melbourne website